Bay Ridge Cares is a local nonprofit organization in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn—run completely by volunteers—that builds community relationships, helps our neighbors in need, and fosters the sense of a “small town in the big city."
We are a small, grassroots, women of color led, all volunteer group. We are mostly immigrants and we live within the communities we serve.

Grandma’s Love, Inc. mobilizes communities, individuals and resources to ensure children at risk of hunger are provided with enough food and books to grow into healthy, happy and active children emotionally, physically and educationally.
ICNA Relief strives to uplift the underserved in the US through a nationwide network of shelters, food pantries, health clinics, skill development programs, disaster relief services, refugee services and more. ICNA Relief works to build healthy communities, strengthen families and create opportunities for those in despair while maintaining their dignity and advocating for their basic human needs.
Neighbors helping neighbors cope with the physical, mental, emotional, and economic needs intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need help, please ask. If you have something to offer, please give.
Nowshin Ali is the founder and executive director of People In Need and the owner of the popular Indian restaurant, Jalsa - Grill & GravyPeople In Need caters to the needs of limited English speaking immigrants through various youth after-school programs and women empowerment initiatives.
Mutual aid, as opposed to charity, does not connote moral superiority of the giver over the receiver. Mutual aid networks can provide goods and services directly in a decentralized manner. They are dependent on core principles of community, education, and human decency.
Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Asian American immigrants, seniors and other disadvantaged persons to help them achieve greater self-sufficiency in society.
The National Domestic Workers Alliance is an advocacy organization promoting the rights of domestic workers in the United States.

Our Life, Inc. assists persons suffering with anxiety by providing them with access to community resources. By linking community members with resource providers, the organization has been able to quickly help individuals that are in need of both short-term solutions and ongoing help in Southern Brooklyn.
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