May 1- May 15
Eric Siegel, Founder and Director, care:work
Deborah Schwartz, Producer, care:work
Anna and Jordan Rathkopf, Photographers
NEW YORK – care:work announced today a collaboration with local artists, Anna and Jordan Rathkopf, to launch #southbrooklynheroes on LinkNYC kiosks across Brooklyn, New York City. The artwork captures and celebrates the diversity and commitment of volunteers throughout southern Brooklyn and will be displayed on Link’s 55” digital displays. The urgency of the Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the essential role of caregivers in the health, community, and economy of the United States.  In every city and neighborhood, caregivers may be volunteers, relatives, or professionals and are often people of color and frequently immigrants.  
For nearly a year, photographers Anna and Jordan Rathkopf have been photographing care workers in their community of southern Brooklyn.  They have captured the diversity and commitment of these local heroes, many of whom are volunteering their time. 
LinkNYC is sharing these photographs on hundreds of digital kiosks throughout Brooklyn as an inspiration for New Yorkers emerging from a harrowing year.  
This partnership is the inaugural project of care:work, a new national initiative to foreground the importance of caregiving in our homes, institutions, schools, and communities.  Whether they are professionals or family members, caregivers are essential workers that are increasingly critical to our quality of life. Too often they have been invisible, and care:work is collaborating with artists, community activists, and caregivers to recognize and share their importance. For more information, visit  
Eric Siegel, museum leader, and educator, and the founder and director of care:work said: “Caregivers themselves need care, support, and recognition.  By working with artists and community-based organizations, care:work joins a national movement to gain respect and equity for these essential members of our society. This project is a wonderful beginning to our broad-based partnerships with artists and caregivers themselves to bring wider visibility and support.”
Anna and Jordan Rathkopf ( create visual narratives about people and community, focusing on issues of identity, health, and resilience.  During the height of Covid-19 in NYC in April 2020, the Rathkopfs combed the hardest-hit neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens to document the diverse network of people devoting their time, energy, and hearts to the thousands of people who were in desperate need of their help.  They note: "We've witnessed so many incredible people step up for their community because someone had to. They have not asked for recognition, fame, or payment.  It has been a selfless act of solidarity embodied by people from all kinds of backgrounds."  Anna added: ”As an immigrant woman, I have been so inspired by the many women organizers I have met throughout this project, many of whom are immigrants or first-generation."
Deborah Schwartz, ( former President and CEO of Brooklyn Historical Society is the East Coast Producer for care:work, responsible for the partnership with LinkNYC. Schwartz comments, “care:work is a project that brings the generosity of individuals and community organizations into the light. Too often, people’s efforts to help each other go unnoticed or under-recognized. Through Anna and Jordan’s stunning images, even a casual passerby might find a moment to pause and consider what it means to show compassion and empathy to people who are sick, vulnerable, tired, or hungry.” 
About LinkNYC: LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind program that is replacing the city’s pay-phones to build the world’s fastest and largest free public Wi-Fi network. LinkNYC provides important tools to communities to access connectivity and social services. Nearly 10 million people have used the free gigabit Wi-Fi service and hundreds of thousands of free phone calls are made every month, most commonly to the NY State EBT customer service line, which helps families connect to food stamps and other assistance. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers access 311 and Aunt Bertha, a platform to connect with local nonprofits and services, via Link tablets every month to access housing and other resources. All of LinkNYC’s services are 100% free for users and come at no cost to taxpayers. For more information and to find a Link near you, visit LinkNYC.
This inaugural exhibition was inspired by the leadership and vision of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and many local grassroots community service organizations that have responded to the pandemic crisis.  These are the real heroes and they include APNA Brooklyn Community Center, Arab American Association, Bay Ridge Cares, Brooklyn Immigrant Community Services, Grandma’s Love, ICNA, Kensington/Windsor Terrace Mutual Aid, Our Life.NYC, South Brooklyn Mutual Aid.

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